Hertz Mid Range Sound System

Hertz Mid Range Sound System

Our Hertz Audio System has been especially put together by our sound engineer to gain the best possible results and has then been extensively tested, tweaked and tuned to create an off the shelf solution to drastically improve the standard audio fitted in the Defender. 

This system is our mid range offering and is hugely popular amongst our conversion customers. The system is cut ready to fit at home and all extra wires and fuses are supplied with the system. 

Our chosen range of speakers are designed and produced for music lovers to experience accurate and detailed reproduction of their favourite music, this range delivers exceptional performance across all music genres.

The 3-Way-Kit provides the perfect solution to expand the stock sound system and re-introduce the low end sounds that are missing, while adding more detail to the music. This is achieved by replacing the stock tweeter and dash mounted mid range driver with a high quality kit, and adding a 6.5” bass driver to the seat base to add low frequencies and more impact.

The passive crossover included in this kit ensures that each speaker gets the perfect frequency range to perform at its absolute best.

The amplifier has been performance optimised to squeeze the most out of our speakers. Rugged construction, high transient power and unmatched thermal efficiency. It provides the speaker kit with 1000 watts of clean power and ensures great control, impact and beautifully dynamic reproduction of sound, whatever your music genre.

To get the very best from your Hertz Mid Range Audio System we would suggest pairing it with a full Twisted embossed soundproofing.

As part of this offering, one of our technicians will talk you through the installation process should you require additional help.

Specification – 

  • Comes complete with all required wires & fuses
  • Additional 6.5″ bass driver
  • Pair with a full Twisted® soundproof to your vehicle for optimum results

£1,595.00 exc. VAT

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